Design your escape games for corporate team building events or tourist attractions and cultural tourism places
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BuildXcape platform is available on web application and mobile application

Augmented Reality (AR)
Populate 3D objects above AR markers and interact with them

Image Recognition
Hide secret information inside images

Barcode/QR code
Hide secret information inside barcodes of common objects or QR codes

Real-time collaboration between players using mobiles

Game design
Templates and tools to design escape games

Game master
Control and keep track game progression

Game play
Interaction AR markers, images, barcode, etc. for secret information

Theme and storyline
Add pictures and text to the game with ease

How it works: designer dashboard

To create a simple game with BuildXcape 

Step 1: choose an answer for the main puzzle, e.g. excape

Escape as passcode

Step 2: add a picture or text for description and instruction, e.g. the coolest place
Step 3: choose a mini puzzle, e.g. image recognition from the list of mini puzzles

image recognition

Step 4: upload an image of your choice, e.g. the below:


Step 5: insert secret information related to this image, such as the passcode of the main puzzle, excape
Step 6: generate the puzzle.
When a player uses BuildXcape platform to scan the above imaged provided by game master, secret information excape will be revealed to him/her
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How it works: player mode

Step 1: Start the game by scanning access barcode


Step 2: Once inside the puzzle, read description “The coldest place”. Discuss with team
Among all the photos provided by game masters, there is only one that fits this description. Check it out by scanning with BuildXcape


Step 3: secret info is excape. Use that to unlock the puzzle

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