Design a game

This enables you to design your DIY real escape game. This also allows you to facilitate the game when it is running Once created, the game will be saved into the server. Only players whom you provide the accesss code are able to access the game to play.

Designers can use the platform to create and run escape games over different occasioons and in different spaces, such as in-house friend gatherings, corporate team building events, outdoor activities in campus, etc.

Main features of game design

  • Create digital puzzles: select types of puzzles,  arrange sequence of puzzles for the game, create puzzle consists of mini-puzzles, etc.


  • Capture barcodes from real-life objects to insert content, such as texts, pictures, story, etc.


  • Add information, clues, descriptions, etc. to each puzzle
  • Timer and penalty for incorrect input
  • Add background photos, story lines, etc. to make the game follow the theme
  • Synchronize between mobile application and website, allow designers to design the game on the go

Main features of game facilitation

  • Real-time intervention: to provide hints, updates, minor change to the game during game play


  • Remotely control and track game progression