Play a game

To play the game, BuildXcape application need to be installed on at least one smartphone of a group.  The app enables the group to access to the game and have real-time data connection with the platform and game designer’s phones.

If there are multiple players’ phones connected to the platform, there will be real-time collaboration between these phones. It means any input from one user will be instantly updated in other users’ phones.

realtime collaboration.png


To access to the game, one phone need to scan the access barcode, provided by game designers. Once the code is accepted, the game is started.

Main features of player’s session:

  • Access to puzzles, texts, information, etc. provided by game designers
  • Need to unlock puzzle to advance to the next puzzle
  • Barcode scanner: during the game, players may find suspicious objects to scan to extract information
  • Library of found clues, information, etc. from scanning barcodes
  • “Ask for Help” button
  • Know the game progress